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» » Russia will build a full-fledged Hmeymim military base in Syria

Russia will build a full-fledged Hmeymim military base in Syria

Russian Aerospace Forces in Hmeymim military baseRussian Aerospace Forces in Hmeymim military base

Russian Aerospace Forces Aerodrome in the Syrian Hmeymim become a permanent Russian military base abroad.

Russia's Defense Ministry plans to expand the air base and the construction of new infrastructure there. This was reported by a member of the Federation Council Franz Klintsevich.

"After agreeing Hmeymim legal status there will be the basis of the Russian armed forces, the appropriate infrastructure to be built there, and our soldiers will live in dignity. Grouping of Aerospace Forces can be increased according to the bilateral agreement, but so far in terms of solving the problems of available forces and means there is enough", - Klintsevich told journalists of "Izvestia".

A source in the Russian Defense Ministry said that the territory of the protected Hmeymim can arrange parking for aircraft and install new equipment. This will improve the safety of the placement of Russian aviation.

"It is planned to expand the aircraft parking, because on peak days there were problems with the placement of the aircraft and to protect it with ramparts from the shelling or bombing case. Perhaps basing separate squadrons will be introduced to improve safety, because there is one big "parking" now. On the base of it is established a new radio equipment, including air traffic management system ", - said a source in the Defense Ministry.

In addition to changes in the placement of aviation on the basis of new positions to equip air defense systems covering the airspace of over Hmeymim and build infrastructure for military personnel.

Let us remind, August 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been submitted to the State Duma a bill, involving ratification of the agreement with Syria to place the aviation group of the Armed Forces on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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