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» » Sky News hired an actor to fabricate story about Russian mercenaries in Syria

Sky News hired an actor to fabricate story about Russian mercenaries in Syria

British channel Sky News story about Russian mercenaries who allegedly fighting in Syria, turned out to be fake.

It turned out that the main informant of British journalists is an actor of a Moscow theater. He talked on the script, which was written by members of the channel.

Russian mercenaries in Syria. The plot made by journalist John Sparks begins with a mysterious story, which is formed around the main character. Closed mosaic face or even his shadow, the voice is altered, no last name and a false name. It is not an art course, but a way to hide the crude forgery.

"The first salary I got just for nothing. These 250 thousand - they got me motivated," - says the hero of reportage.

If you look at the details, it is clear that the video staged. For example, the medals that appear in the picture during an interview with supposedly fighting in Syria for money Dmitry lead to confusion of military experts. There are crossed sword and machine gun on the screen of this medals. In the real medals depicted the saber and rifle, and the shape of the letters is also different.

Director of strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov notes: "There is the Soviet, there are Russian, but none of them does not fit the classic view is difficult to say what it is."

Russian media immediately exposed the fake British journalists. It turned out that Dmitri from some top-secret unit "Wagner" played by Alexander Agapov. He lives in Moscow, an actor by profession. In the story heard, he says memorized text and little replay: "We arrived at night at the airport - Hmm ... hmeymi ... Mamie seems Yes, Hmeymim I, frankly, was terrible..."

Alexander himself got in touch with the Russian media, telling the story about the upcoming staging Sky News.
He told Russian journalists about everything in detail how it came out producers Sky News and the author John Sparks is paid a fee of one hundred thousand, and then handed the script and given a few days to prepare.

"Immediately obvious that it is the journalists who want to collect some dirt on Russia. But then John made a mistake a little bit. He thought that simple. He must have forgotten what country came. He thought that can be just like that to come, find a Russian guy, negotiate, motivate money, but John was wrong ", - Agapov said.

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